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IL CCL Process

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Illinois Concealed Carry License Application

We will assist you in applying for your Illinois Concealed Carry License. The filing fee is $30.00.

Fingerprints are not required, but we recommend them as they will speed up the processing of your application by up to six weeks. (We can assist with this as well)

We do the ID photos – 2 are required. One goes to the Illinois State Police with the fingerprints, while the other goes with the CCL application. Prices above include the ID photos.

What is needed to do a CCL application:

A certificate signed by the instructor showing completion of the training.

Documents that show other qualified training or military service.

A valid FOID card and Driver’s License or State ID.

ID photo.

Documents are scanned to be transmitted to the ISP.


The Illinois Concealed Carry License is $150.00 plus a $3.53 credit card surcharge for a total of $153.53.

For Blue Coat Arms Company to complete the entirety of the application with ID photos, the fee is $30.

Fingerprints will cost extra and vary, depending on the vendor selected.

The change of name or address fee is $95.00.

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