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Firearms should be field-stripped and cleaned after each use and deep cleaned at least twice a year, for optimum performance. Dirt, grime, carbon, lead, and corrosion on any firearm doesn't stand a chance against our dedicated team. Every firearm is safety checked, test fired, disassembled, inspected, cleaned, lubricated, and reassembled so that it will deliver reliable results every time.

  • Detailed Firearm Cleaning

  • AR-15 Maintenance and Rebuilds

  • Safety Checks, Function Checks, and Test Firing

  • Bore Inspections

  • Spring Inspections/Replacements

  • Headspace Inspection

  • Removal of stuck Choke tubes/Lube Chokes.

  • Muzzleloader Cleaning/ Stuck Breech Plugs

Maintenance: Services
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