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What are you Looking For?

Every firearm is as different as the people who own them. We believe that every shooter should have a firearm that matches their own unique style and purpose. It should also be stated that success at the range or in the field is impossible if your firearm doesn't perform the way it should. Whether you are interested in hunting, competitive shooting, personal defense, or Law Enforcement/Military application we can help customize and modify a firearm to suit your needs

General Modifications

Sights and Scope Mounts

Cut, Crown and Reset Shotgun Bead

Cut and Crown Rifle Barrel

Barrel Lapping

Glass Bedding

Cut Dovetails

Action Job/Clean and Smooth Action

Lengthen Forcing Cones

Lengthen Chambers

Custom Triggers Installed

Custom Trigger Work

Re-chamber most Rifles

Suppressor Installation

Recoil Brake Installation

Choke Tube Installation

Rifle Rebarreling

Shotgun Porting

Rifle Porting 

Handgun Porting

Adjustable Butt Plates

Adjustable Combs

Compression Butt Plates

Recoil Pads and Butt Plates

Install Choke Tubes/ Open-Chokes

Barrel Refining

Modification/Customization: Services
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