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Mastering Handguns: Tips and Techniques for Better Accuracy

Handguns are considered the hardest firearm to master, and every movement, no matter how small, is greatly extenuated. Here are some tips and techniques to improve accuracy:

1. Consistency of grasp is key to consistent accuracy. Hold the pistol with uniformity, either with virtually no pressure at all or with a firm grasp.

2. Find a good instructor who can help you learn the exemplar drill, which involves taking a strong stance and firm grasp, and getting the sights on the target as quickly as possible.

3. Practice with dry-fire exercises to improve your accuracy.

4. Use good sights to ensure you can hit what you can see.

5. Trigger control is important. Use the pad of your index finger, not the joint, and squeeze smoothly and straight back.

6. Only pull the trigger when the sight picture is correct. This will help you take your time and resist the urge to waste ammunition.

7. Use a two-handed grip, find the right grip strength, place one hand under the other, and use opposite forces to hold the handgun for maximum accuracy.

Remember, 95% of shooting is mental, and there are no shortcuts. Over-analyzing can lead to psyching yourself out. With proper training and practice, you can learn to hit targets up to 50 yards away, and with exceptional training, you can hit targets up to 100-200 yards away.

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