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FFL Transfers

Did you know that FFL Transfers are required when shipping firearms?

Blue Coat Arms is happy to provide FFL transfer services for our customers. We will need to send your seller a copy of our FFL before they can ship out your item.

Once we perform the necessary background check and collect the transfer fee the firearm is yours. We try to make the process as painless as possible, and most folks are usually done in about 30 minutes.

Transfer Fees

The fee for our FFL transfer service (long gun, hand gun, or receiver) is $25.00. If you have more than one firearm you would like to have transferred, the fee is $25.00 for the first firearm plus $10.00 per each additional firearm transferred in the same transaction.

Multiple Handguns

If you are having more than one handgun transferred within a 5 business day period, we are required to fill out and submit additional paperwork to the ATF that is time consuming and subjects us to additional costs. Because of the added paperwork we charge an additional $5.00 service fee under these circumstances.

ID and signature requirements

To pick up a firearm you must present a valid, government-issued photo ID including your name, date of birth, current residence address, and signature. If your current residence address doesn’t match the one on your submitted ID, you will need to also submit a government issued identification document with your current residence address. Examples of documents that may be accepted to supplement information on a driver’s license or other identification document include a vehicle registration, a recreation identification card, a fishing or hunting license, a voter identification card, or a tax bill. However, the document in question must be valid and must have been issued by a government agency. It is your responsibility to make sure that the seller requires a signature for delivery from their shipper. We’ve had several packages containing firearms shipped to our shop that did not require a signature upon receipt, and were just left at the door or in our mailbox.This has especially become a problem when receiving packages from non-FFL shippers. Blue Coat Arms Company assumes NO responsibility, financially or legally, for firearms that are stolen because the shipper didn’t require a signature upon receipt.

We are required by law to log in where a firearm came from, and we can not do this without the proper FFL or ID. Blue Coat Arms Company reserves the right to hold transfer of the firearm until we have the proper paperwork. It is your responsibility to make sure the seller includes a copy of their FFL (if applicable) or ID with firearm shipments. This has become more of a problem with packages from non-FFL shippers.

Shipping Services

Blue Coat Arms Company is happy to ship a package on your behalf. We ship via UPS Ground and will insure it for the full amount if requested. Faster shipping options are available upon request. Our charge for shipping & handling a package is $40.00 for handguns and $50.00 for long guns (additional fees may apply for large packages or high shipping rates).

FFL Transfers: Service
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